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"Training session on cable & explo on a magic spot"

Description :

We offer for SSI certified freedivers or equivalent (PADI, AIDA...) trips at sea combining a training session on cable followed by exploration on coral reef or wreck depending on your level. You will have the opportunity to improve your freediving technique and explore magical spots around Nosy Be accompanied by a certified freediving instructor.

Program (given for information) :


  • Meet at 8:30 am in our center

  • Distribution of equipment and pre-departure briefing

  • Training session on the cable

  • Exploration session

  • Return to the center around 12:30 p.m


Highlights :


  • 1 training session on the cable

  • 1 Exploration on a magic spot

  • Equipment included

Access conditions :

  • Have a freediving certification (SSI, PADI, AIDA...)

Time : 1/2 day

Price : 45€*

* + 10€ if course takes place in Nosy Tanikely national parc

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