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"One day to create a personalized training plan"

Description :

This one-day training will teach you special breath-holding exercises that can be done both at home and in the water. You will discover your strengths and weaknesses, and create a personalized training plan to better your freediving performance.

Program :


  • Meet at 8:30 am in our center

  • Stretching and breathing session on the beach

  • Distribution of equipment and pre-departure briefing

  • Dry session (o2 and co2 table)

  • Lunch break around 12:30pm

  • Session in pool

  • Return to the center around 03:00 p.m


Highlights :

  • 1 session of stretching and breathing on the beach

  • 1 dry session for a personalized training plan

  • 1 session in pool

  • Equipment included

  • SSI certification card

Access conditions :

  • Be able to swim

  • From 12 years old (Parental authorization in the case of minors)

  • Have SSI Freediver certification

Duration : 1 day

Place and Time : Meeting at 8:30am hotel Chez Senga, Madirokely beach

Price : 80€

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